More than 50 years we become specialists in design, supply and installation of fire protection systems.

A story that contar

With a flawless experience we have installed fire protection systems in more than 400 locations in different companies of Venezuela and Latin America.

With the strategic merger of INCISAN with OTIPSA (IOI ), it was decided to form a company specialized in fire to boost the market obtained in the area by INCISAN (Venezuelan company 50 years of experience in electromechanical installations, ISO9000 ) division is then created for 2000 in the city of Valencia, Venezuela INCISAN FIRE CA SPECIALIST IN FIRE PROTECTION AND GAS. Born from the division of two big businessmen, engineers and Ricardo Valerio Mendoza Guada , who pushed for the development and growth of industry and commerce in our country.

Fire Incisan currently has 16 years in the market , constantly growing hand Ing Nancy Garcia, a founding member and General Manager; and also boasts a highly qualified staff that with machinery, structures and technology investments make INCISAN FIRE increasingly competitive company offering higher quality services and has the ability to meet the growing market to which it is dedicated.

In recent years our company has transcended borders given that currently, in addition to the headquarters in Venezuela, INCISAN FIRE has subsidiaries in the Antilles. It was in these countries where the possibility was studied settle, grow and fortunately today is an entrenched fact.

The entire team , specialists , machinery and technology associated with fire protection to the new division was transferred.

This team has been trained and specialized him even more , to bring it to levels of excellence in the market only fire.

Similarly, investments have been made in the area of ​​technology to be increasingly competitive and increase the quality of our services.

Meet Our Quality Policy

In Incisan Fire , the most important thing is the satisfaction of our customers by offering the highest quality products and thus giving them the peace of mind that have made the most effective investment.

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