26 November, 2017

Losses in the industry without sprinklers

A 14-year study of hundreds of fires, carried out by the Patrimonial Risk Engineering Group of the Liberty Mutual Insurance Company, highlights the importance of fire […]
26 November, 2017

Fire protection in warehouses

The fire of a warehouse with shelves is a perfect fire. It combines a large number of fuels with a geometry that helps the rapid development […]
26 November, 2017

Fire alarm with wi-fi

Repeatedly fire alarms installed in the home are activated with the simple smoke of a candle or very toasted bread. This turns out to be tedious […]
13 July, 2016

How to survive a fire

Fires are unexpected and totally unexpected, the fact that they are very rare make them a risk that few are waiting to take care, hence it […]
13 July, 2016
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Knowing the Extinguishers

We know how a fire extinguisher works A fire is a chemical reaction which requires three factors, heat, oxygen and combustible material. Fire extinguishers are designed […]
13 July, 2016

Increased Fire Risk Industry

In the Venezuelan industry there are many more fire risks today than in the past. A fire is a fire that develops without control, which may […]