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13 July, 2016
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26 November, 2017

Fire alarm with wi-fi

Repeatedly fire alarms installed in the home are activated with the simple smoke of a candle or very toasted bread. This turns out to be tedious for the inhabitants and they take the risky decision to deactivate the system, putting their life and that of their family at risk.

Currently, due to the great technological advances in the field of fire detection and extinction, it is possible to detect only real threats.

It’s about Nest Protect. Invented by one of the creators of Apple’s iPod, it combines the traditional alarm that is activated when it detects poor visibility caused by smoke with a number of other sensors, including heat, light, activity and ultrasonic carbon monoxide detectors.

“Fire alarms are designed for our safety but many people hate them. Security should not make us angry. We want to change that, “said Matt Roggers, Nest’s founder and vice president of engineering.

Nest Protect differentiates between types of smoke, so it is able to give a warning if it is a small amount of smoke, perhaps caused by a toaster or the oven.

In this case, when there is no real danger, the alarm can be silenced by shaking the hand. If the problem gets worse, the alarm increases its sound to 85 decibels and gives instructions to leave the building immediately and to call the fire department.

Another innovation of this fire alarm is that it has an application for smartphones.

Source: BBC World