Fire Inspection, Test and Maintenance Service: It is a service program provided by a qualified company, in which some components of the fire systems (fire pumps, hose cabinet, detection system and fire alarms), are inspected and tested in the required times and where the necessary preventive maintenance is provided. This program includes reports and gathering of relevant information.

Fire Inspection, Test and Maintenance Service

Inspection: It is a visual examination of the fire protection systems, which is carried out to verify that it is in operating condition and free of physical damage. It is generally carried out at ground level by walking through the protected areas or through a detailed visual study of the equipment or element studied, in order to obtain relevant information to maintain its proper functioning.

Test: It is a procedure used to determine the status, through periodic physical checks and activation of the device according to its operating criteria, of the fire protection systems.

Maintenance: It is the work necessary to keep the equipment operational.

Fire detection systems must be inspected and tested periodically Incisan Fire authorized and certified technicians will ensure that your fire detection system works properly and complies with national COVENIN, and international NFPA, NEN regulations.

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