Fire protection storage tanks for commercial, industrial and municipal applications. Incisan Fire is the leader in factory-welded and bolted steel tanks whose fastening or assembly system is made by means of bolted connections, made of carbon steel, guaranteeing hermeticity and a leak-free tank.

Tanques almacenamiento agua sci contra incendios

Maximum quality for your firefighting water storage tanks, complying with NFPA 22, FM and other industry standards. All Incisan Fire tanks are factory lined under controlled environmental conditions.

According to the NFPA standards, they establish that the water supply for fire protection systems can come from one of the following sources or a combination of them:

• Connection to a public or private water network
• Water storage tank, which can be at ground level, underground or elevated
• A pressurized tank
• A canal, river or well dam

Preferred suction tanks are steel ones, they can be located on the ground or underground. Suction Tanks located at ground level are fitted with an anti-vortex plate at the end of the pump suction pipe to prevent turbulent flow from forming.

It is recommended that the tanks be located so that too much piping run to the pump room is not required.

In the design and manufacture of the tanks, the total capacity, the net capacity and the useful capacity of the same must be considered.

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