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13 July, 2016
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26 November, 2017

How to survive a fire

Fires are unexpected and totally unexpected, the fact that they are very rare make them a risk that few are waiting to take care, hence it is so delicate.

If we prepare and prevention become part of our everyday habits for both fire prevention and for any other risk that we exposed our chances of survival increase significantly.

We present a brief and precise list of aspects that can take into account to improve their safety and security


Some important aspects of behavior in case of fire:

  1. If it detects or be warned of a fire should leave the building as quickly as possible. This seems logical, but it’d be surprised how many people it takes the output to rescue belongings or material things.
  2. If we are in a building multistory you should completely avoid the use of lifts, other than the risk of getting caught in the same fire will seek ways of air and the elevator shaft is a way to feed the fire ….
  3. If at the time of the evacuation and the fire is advanced and there is smoke through the hall and sites you should circulate we recommend that evacuation is the most crouch possible When evacuating, smoke tends to rise and lower parts retain more oxygen smoke and toxic gases tend to rise with the heat. It is also highly recommended cover your mouth with a rag or cloth to inhale less smoke and gases.
  4. A trick that can help reduce the spread of fire is to prevent free passage, this can be done by closing doors and vision panels through which we are passing, Eye, this only and only if you’re the last one out, we must not hinder the passage of our coworkers or home.
  5. If you are in space, office or room with the door closed and smoke coming under the door or it is hot, it is best not to try out for it … unless it is the only option available, in which case it is advisable to ask for help out not to jump straight to the fire (when a door or window before the fire is opened, this jump directly to where the fresh oxygen to grow) if you receive the warning fire and your door no smoke under the door and is not hot, you should open it slowly, if there is too much smoke or fire is in the corridor, close it immediately and proceed as in the first example where they do smoke coming underneath.
  6. In these cases it is advisable not assume anything … never stop doing something to brag that another has already done, in case of fire you have to call the fire department immediately! That if .. After you have secured your personal well-being, do not expose yourself to risks unnecessarily.
  7. If faced before flames and they turn their clothing or garments what to do is, first, not run, second to jump immediately to the ground holding his face in his hands and rhodes, the rhodes you are mitigating fire in your clothes and quite possible that you achieve turn it off without serious damage to your person.
  8. Once you’re in and prepared, and be aware of the responsibility this implies is one, teaches multiplier to all who are around you, and participate in drills whenever you can, have a partner ready can save your life and yours too.

Having a system of detection and fire prevention appropriate to where you are you can make all of the above is only an extreme measure and never needed to use it.